Documentation for dolfin-adjoint 2017.2


Have you just discovered dolfin-adjoint and want to get up and running quickly? Then, we suggest you

Next, feel free to take a look at the complete introduction to dolfin-adjoint, more dolfin-adjoint examples, an introduction to the mathematical background of adjoints, or the dolfin-adjoint API reference.


dolfin-adjoint manual

The dolfin-adjoint manual describes how to use dolfin-adjoint and the main features of dolfin-adjoint, and includes introductory examples. For more use cases, see the examples.

There is also a pdf version of the documentation available.

The mathematical background

Are you not that familiar with adjoints? Adjoints show up in many applications, and in many computational techniques. You might be interested in a mathematical introduction to adjoints and their applications.

Examples of dolfin-adjoint usage

We have implemented and documented a number of examples using dolfin-adjoint.

Many more examples of dolfin-adjoint usage can be found in the separate dolfin-adjoint applications repository on Bitbucket.

dolfin-adjoint API reference

Are you looking for the complete reference documentation? Look no further, it is right here: dolfin-adjoint API reference.

The timestepping library

How dolfin-adjoint integrates with the timestepping library is documented here.

Frequently asked questions:

Some questions are asked more often than others: take a look at our Frequently asked questions before seeking support.